The Neeje Association for Women and Family

is a non-profit corporation that undertakes community charitable work and oversees several projects that reflect its corporate philosophy and goals.


The Neeje Association for Women and Family (hereinafter “Neeje”) wants to maintain a workplace that fosters the personal and professional growth of all its employees, volunteers, members and friends, as well as their families. All its members have a role to play in maintaining such a workplace and community. Managers and coordinators are responsible for leading in such a way that each person, including our guests and advisees, is treated with respect.

Every staff member must: 

  • Foster collaboration and communication with coworkers;
  • Treat other staff fairly, with dignity and respect;
  • Promote harmony and team spirit in all workplace relationships;
  • Strive to understand their performance standards and communicate to further this understanding;
  • Seek and consider the views of other employees or members and encourage them to participate in decision-making processes that impact their work and careers;
  • Encourage the growth and development of employees by helping them achieve their personal goals both within and outside the organization;
  • Seek to avoid workplace conflicts and, if conflicts arise, seek to resolve them in a timely and fair manner;
  • Implement all policies fairly, recognizing that jobs might be different but are equally important; that individual performance is acknowledged and measured against established standards; and that every employee is entitled to fair treatment;
  • Acknowledge that employees and members may go through difficult times in their personal lives, show compassion and understanding. 



It is unfortunate that conflicts arise in a workplace. In order to resolve any conflict or dispute quickly and fairly, we recommend the following procedure: 

  • Talk to the person you are in conflict with. Conflicts are often caused by misunderstanding and miscommunication. 
  • If the conversation with the other person has no effect, talk to the director. She will organize a meeting between conflicting parties for resolution. 
  • If the director is unable to resolve the conflict, the parties may be referred to a mediator, including a designated member of Neeje’s Board of Directors. All parties in the conflict must respect the mediator’s decision.



Neeje is committed to providing its employees and guests with a harassment-free environment. Mutual respect, collaboration and understanding must be the basis of interactions between all staff, administration and guests. Neeje does not tolerate behaviors that could undermine a person’s dignity or self-esteem, or create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. 

There are many forms of harassment, but in all cases, it is an action – verbal or physical, taking place once or repeatedly – that a person deems inappropriate and humiliating, offensive or degrading. For the purposes of this policy, the word “inappropriate” refers to an action that the person guilty of harassment knows (or reasonably ought to know) to be unwelcome by the victim of harassment. 

Sexual harassment is defined as any inappropriate attention of a sexual nature (e.g., comments about appearance or personal life), any offensive material, written or visual (e.g., graffiti or degrading photos), any physical contact of any kind or any request for sexual favors. 



Workplace violence can be defined as a threat or assault that occurs at work and that can cause an employee physical or psychological harm, illness, pain or injury. The assault can be verbal, psychological or sexual in nature. Verbal assault consists of inappropriate, humiliating, offensive, threatening or degrading comments. Psychological assault is an act that causes fear or undermines a person’s dignity or self-esteem. Sexual assault occurs through explicit sexual words, gestures or statements that are inappropriate. 

Neeje does not tolerate abuse, harassment or violence in any way. Anyone guilty of abuse, harassment or violence is subject to progressive discipline up to and including dismissal, withdrawal from the Board of Directors or committees, and possible criminal charges. 

To ensure compliance with this policy and maintain a healthy workplace, Neeje requires all staff to firmly commit to follow this work policy. 


I acknowledge that I have read and understood the objectives and procedures of the Safe Workplace Policy and I commit following them. 

___________________________________   ____________________

Employee                                                                Date




___________________________________             _____________________

Presented by                                                           Date


Reference: Labour Standards Commission





The Neeje Association for Women and Family states that respect between people is a fundamental value of the organization. 

No disrespectful behavior will be tolerated between: 

  • a superior and an employee
  • several employees and one coworker
  • an employee and a guest or advisee
  • an employee and a coworker


In addition, each employee contributes, through her conduct, to maintaining a safe work environment that is free from psychological harassment.


The Neeje Association for Women and Family is committed to: 

  • Preventing psychological and sexual harassment in the workplace as defined by work standards legislation
  • Halting any psychological or sexual harassment that it becomes aware of 


If a problem arises 

Any employee or resident who believes she is the object of inappropriate or malicious actions or behavior may confidentially contact Mrs Nicole Scheidl, Chair of the Board of Directors, to request her intervention for the prompt resolution of the situation. 

I guarantee that my intervention will be impartial, respectful and fair, that I will act discreetly to resolve the situation and that I will protect the privacy of every person who will be met as part of the resolution process. I also guarantee that no employee will be penalized for requesting such an intervention.



_Nicole Scheidl__________________   June 3, 2019

Nicole Scheidl                                          Date

Chair, Board of Directors