Neeje President Nicole Scheidl’s introductory remarks at the Kingston Spring Dinner

Neeje President

Good evening and welcome everyone.

I want to begin tonight by paraphrasing some words from Martin Luther King:

“We begin to die when we stop caring about the things that matter.”

When we stop caring about things that matter, we feel our horizons narrow and our souls shrink.

Things like:

  • the character of our children and their friends;
  • our family lives and the family lives of those around us; or
  • the cultural climate that we live in today that seems so divisive.

It is naive not to recognize that we live in challenging times. It is easy to get distressed or discouraged.

But in Tolkien’s words:

“These are the times that have been given to us.”


Neeje Is Our Answer

For many of us here tonight, Neeje is our practical answer to the problems of our times. We are inspired by St. Josemaria’s words to

“Drown evil in an abundance of good”.

Our focus is on helping women and particularly young women and girls to develop their inner capacities. Their intellectual, cultural, moral and spiritual strengths. To widen their horizons and expand their souls.


Our organization is 100% volunteer. So, 100% of the funds raised here tonight go into our programs.


Programs like Valrideau University Student Residence where students from outside of Ottawa are supported to grow personally and professionally.

Chilawee Trails Camp located outside of Barry’s Bay, which many of your daughters have attended and love.

Our Girls Clubs and our LEAP Leadership programs in Kingston, Ottawa and Belleville help girls and young women develop their potential as leaders of character and vision.


We also support the Recollections offered in Belleville, Kingston and Ottawa every month.


Our aim is to give everyone who participates in what we do a wider vision of what life means and the personal contribution they can make. We want them to expand their capacity to care about things that matter. Then they can “live” in the fullest sense of the word.