Past Events

2012: On October 26, 2012, Neeje proudly hosted its 8th Annual Parenting Conference with Dr. Thomas Lickona. Participants thoroughly enjoyed his presentation on Raising Children of Character: 11 Things Parents Can Do! He provided a lot of practical advice and has generously allowed Neeje to post his Powerpoint presentation on our website. Click here to view the Powerpoint Presentation by Dr. Thomas Lickona.

2011: In November, Neeje was fortunate to host Marybeth Hicks, author of “Bringing Up GEEKS’. It was an excellent presentation full of humour and common sense advice for parents! Click here to read more about the event.

2010: In October, Neeje hosted international speaker, Javier Reguart from Barcelona. Javier spoke to couples about the importance of communication in marriage. Click here to read more about the event.

2009: In November, Neeje hosted for a second time well-known education consultant and author Mr. James Stenson. Over 200 participants came to hear him on the topic of “Successful Parenting: Strategies for Raising Great Kids!” Click here to read more about the event.

2008: In October, Neeje was please to have Dr. Ray Guarendi who made couples think and laugh! His topic was : Laughter: Sanity in the Family. He also touched on the importance of discipline. Click here to read more about the event.

2007: In April, Neeje presented Cathy and Joe Garcia-Prats, parents of 10 boys who co-wrote the book: Good Families Don’t Just Happen. This was the topic of the conference, which was a hit. Click here to read more about the event.

2006: In April, Dr. Liliana Trivelli came from New York City to talk about Parents’s Positive Influence on the Child’s Developing Sexuality: the Importance of Character Formation.

2005: In May, Neeje organized its first annual conference with Mr. James Stenson on “Parental unity, a key to your children’s success”. The event’s success convinced organizers that a yearly conference was in order! Click here to read more about the event.